Welcome to the AoN's Harmless Opinions WikiEdit

This wiki is all about the generally harmless opinions of AravisOfNarnia, the user on the LEGO Message Boards. If you know enough about them, you can edit here too! Doesn't that make you excited? No? Well, wait until there's a decent amount of pages, then look again.

A Note About Our BiasEdit

We at this wiki are also biased toward Canadians. Too bad if you're an American. Live with it, but edit here anyways. Please. We are also biased toward epicness rather than awesomeness. The last thing to remember is that in order to edit here, you need to acknowledge the superiority of purple shoes.


Although this wiki is said to be harmless, some of these opinions may harm you. In that situation, the best thing to do is evacuate immediately. If you do get harmed, it's not our fault, so don't sue us. *Glares at Apple, Inc.*