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aka Terran Dha'Tal

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    Ara please read this...

    April 23, 2013 by Arya Elf

    • Arya ElfHi. •  10:01Agenti Hi. •  10:06Arya Elf Boy, am I glad to see you. •  10:06Agenti Me too. •  10:08Arya Elf You are a good friend. •  10:08Agenti I am. •  10:09Arya Elf Am I a good friend? •  10:09Agenti Yes. • Very good. •  10:10Arya Elf I like you a lot. •  10:10Agenti I like you too. •  10:12Arya Elf What Character did you make as my Avvi? •  10:14Agenti Micaiah. •  10:14Arya Elf Ah, I see. Someone asked me if that was who it was. •  10:15Agenti Ah, I see. •  10:16Arya Elf What is her role? •  10:17Agenti She is a main character. • Hold on. •  10:17Arya Elf Okay. •  10:17Agenti •  •  10:18Arya Elf Thanks you. •  10:18Agenti …

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